Friday, February 15, 2013

Moving Forward...

A little bit of change...
That's what I thought that things around here needed. That, and maybe a post or two...
So, to begin, a story;

A good long while ago (almost 9 years now!) I gave birth to my baby girl, Emma- she is my heart, my little ball of light. But she was not born entirely healthy. She was born with a spinal cord defect called a tethered cord and after a surgery at 2 weeks old and a surgery at one year old, she has overcome that hurdle in life and is now a non-stop dancing queen.
While all of this was going on, I was repressing every last drop. All of the doctors and consults and endless talking, all pushed as far down as I could possible push something- that's really far...
A little bit of time later, (during an extraordinarily  emotional moment) it all came rushing back. Ugh, what a time, it was rough, really rough. I suffered from some extreme anxiety, at times debilitating, and it was really scary.
A little bit of time after that, I sought help. I found a counsellor to help me think through and process everything and teach me how to cope with the ever present thoughts of anxiety. He helped me a lot- I mean a lot and the one main thing that has stuck with me through it all is to always keep moving forward, but to never forget to look back.

In honor of this personal truth,  I permanently etched a symbol of forward moving onto my wrist, a body part that I see about once a minute throughout the day, constantly reminding me of this truth.

Photo taken by the beautiful and talented Blair of Blair Marie Photography and styled by the lovely Alexandra of Pink and Honey 

And, in the spirit of change, I have also done a little bit of a rebrand to my blog and my shop. Something I have been working on for a while now, but have only just put the finishing touches on.  I'll show you that soon, for now,

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  1. A good reminder to us all. Reflect on the past but don't let it hold you back! Move forward knowing you are changing and growing. Thanks for your honesty and the reminder.