Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Forest Fairy Birthday Party

This is Emma, and on a beautiful november day, she turned 6!

This was her birthday party...

The tea party inside of the fairy tree
The beautiful s'more mushroom cupcakes were made by my sister of Pretty Sweet
I made everything else...the banner, the woodgrain cake stand (which I found here)
and the flower arrangements

This is how we set up the table
I made a mossy runner and added rocks, pine cones, little green pouf flower arrangements in teacups, and some homemade terrariums

(there is a little deer in there)

Cupcake time! yum...

These are all of the fairies!

Hubby made this beautiful photobooth! I found the idea here...

This one is may favourite!

This was our Fairy Queen, Amanda (our intern at work!)
I love her outfit! Especially her leggings from American Apparel
So classy!
You can read Amanda's awesome blog here

She arrived with the basket of crafts and helped all of the girls make a little floating fairy craft!

"It was a great 6th birthday of the Forest Fairy kind" said Emma the next day, after her exhaustion/ sugar hangover had subsided...
"but next year, I was a sparkly vampire birthday"
Where does she get these things??

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  1. What a beautiful party for a beautiful girl!