Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Humpday

It has been a lovely week so far. 
I loved being involved in the Christmas production, and Emma had a wonderful time, but it was so much work and we were so busy that it was impeding my ability to employ the Christmas spirit... 

Jen Wolsey and the "Bailey" kids practising lines before the real thing

Emma fell in love with her pretend older brother, Zac
The play is over and my this week has been really nice so far.

I let Emma sleep in one last time on Monday while I finished up Christmas cards and some packages to be sent out. 

We had coffee at our favourite little neighbourhood coffee shop and then we went to school. At work, my sister and I wrapped Christmas gifts for our clients and some local suppliers.

After school we had a little Superstore shopping spree and since Mike was away, we made a little dinner and watched Surviving Christmas (the funniest Christmas movie ever...with Ben Affleck...give it a try!)
Tuesday, my sister, Vicki, and I went to Emma's school to bake gingerbread men with her much fun! We taught the kids how to measure and mix and roll out the dough. It was a huge mess but so much fun...

Mme Lisa, Emma's wonderful grade 1 teacher...
very happy to decorate a cookie

After cookies, I finally got to the mall and got a couple of Christmas gifts bought (I am feeling very Cindy Lou Who this year) and then went home to finish up some of the ones that I am making (which I will show after they have been given).
I picked up Emma from the bus stop and we went over to my mom's house to make perogies! Our (polish) traditional Christmas eve dinner.
And now Wednesday, Emma's pj day at school and only 2 and a half days of school left...only 2 and a half days of work left! 

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