Friday, January 7, 2011

Wow, Its been a really really long time and Happy New Year

Yeah, sometimes I do this...
I get really busy and disconnect from the world only to rejoin and discover that people are mad at me for disconnecting. It was a great holiday but in absolutely no way restful for relaxing. Add on to that the sketchbook that is now due in less than 2 weeks...ACTUALLY, it is due in ONE week! Ahhh.
I did not foresee this book being a source of stress for me, in fact, I thought it would be a chance for me to slow down and enjoy the quickly passing days. Again, I was wrong, but to be honest, it happens all the time. So, other than a beautiful Christmas day and an awesome 80's themed Murder Mystery for New Year's, I spent my time working on my sketchbook.

None of these are fully finished yet because I still have to add the story to every page which I have been stalling time to stall anymore man..No Time!
I know it all looks like a big mess right now but it will all become clear soon. Never underestimate the crazy power of the deadline.

So, until my deadline is passed I will leave you with a page a day...

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