Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's not snowing in Paris!

So I just checked the weather in Paris, and unlike here, it's not snowing!
That, among a million other reasons, is why I am so excited to get my butt on that airplane and fly away.
We leave in 6 days!
We are in Paris for 6 days
We are in Germany for 1 day
Austria for 3
Venice for 3
And we are in a villa in Tuscany for a whole week
Rome for 2 days
And then home.
In the 9 years that hubby and I have been married, we have been on 2 vacations, neither one of them leaving the continent...so it's time, really time.
In my excitement I have started packing...here's what I have so far

My favorite fossil necklace, jade tear drop necklace, 2 J.Crew scarves, white tee shirt, grey Community dress from Aritzia, Geo tee shirt from Gap, blush Wilfred boyfriend shirt, printy Gap bra, grey Wilfred sweater from Aritzia, another white tee shirt, blush Wilfred sweater, rose bud earrings, and my glasses...

Blush Wilfred scarf, polka dot bathing suit from J.Crew, green J.Crew cardi, another white tee shirt, mauve tank top from Gap, blush tank top from Aritzia, J.Crew sailor sweater, coral Wilfred scarf, Anthropologie jammies...how many scarves are too many? Hubby says anymore than one is too many...what does he know??

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