Monday, April 4, 2011

Would Jesus Drive a Geo Tracker?

It has been quite the weekend...
Mike and I took Friday off to spend with Emma on her last day of Spring Break. Because it's been so long since either of us has had a non-weekend day off, we ran some errands that are too frightening to do on the weekend (like going to Chinook mall).
The big event was going to the Titanic exhibit at the Telus World of Science. So great. We all loved it- Emma was fascinated at all the little perfume bottles and trinkets.
We finished off the science center in the children's museum.

Our lovely dinner out will tell you a little bit about how "cultured" weare as a family. We all decided that we wanted to have Vietmemese for dinner. Emma ordered won ton soup- her long time fav. Hubby decided to tell her (the very un-original lie) that won tons are monkey brains (very classy I know). Emma laughed hysterically, said "really dad?" to which he said "yes really,", and then she shrugged her shoulders and continued eating. What's stranger? Te fact that my husband will say stuff like that in public to our child, or the fact that the child is willing to eat monkey brains?

Leaving dinner, I saw who i can only describe to be Jesus,driving down McLeoud trail in a purple Geo Tracker.

Waking up on Saturday can be summed up as the fact that we are most likely living in an eternal winter and will from here on out will be stuck in the snow.

Those pictures are so uneven...
Since it's April I started the spring cleaning...the word spring made me happy...the other things that made me happy on Saturday were...

Jadeite nesting bowls

Wasabi mayo

The fresh tuna that Mike cooked to go with the wasabi mayo

the awesome hotel we have chosen for Paris- Mama Shelter

The next 3 photos will show that my pup has also resigned himself to the snow...

Earl's view from the back door
Earl- very disappointed (he has a bone out there, stranded)

Forget it...bath instead

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