Thursday, May 5, 2011

We're in Paris- Part 3

We had no big plan today, so we decided to go see the Arc de Triumph

But we got a bit lost, so Mike found our way...

We made it!
This design was my favorite part of the Arc

Next, we walked through Champs Élysées all the way to Madeleine.
We had lunch at Hediard- which may have been the most amazing thing I have ever was a club sandwich that I can't even explain...curry mayonnaise and smoked chicken...

Next we went to Laduree...yet more food, but this time, sweet

Next, some shopping at Hermes, and Chanel

And then to the Eglise Ste. Marie Madeleine where we lit a candle for Emma.

And waited for it to stop raining

All that walking, time for a little refreshment

Yes, that is sparkling wine in a can with a was awesome, as far as wine in a can with a straw goes.
That's all for now...

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