Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Polka Dot Party!

Emma is turning 7! I really can't believe it- she is like a big person. She reads and writes stories, she loves art and giggles with her girlie friends. This year for her party we decided on a much smaller affair with only 6 invitation delivered, and next to NO money on decorations and activities...
Now I will attempt to show you my party on a budget, still paying very close attention to detail.
So far, I have put together an inspiration board, all made up of staff that I can do myself for very cheap- or free!! (Hubby sings a happy song- little does he know, he has jobs to do!)

This is the invitation that I designed for the party

I'm looking forward to all of the party planning this year, although, I am so busy at work that I don't have as much time to spend with Emma planning all of the details, but still fun.
Can't wait to share!


  1. It looks like a super cute party! I am also working on a small budget for Olivia's 2nd birthday. We are doing a small family brunch here at our house and a park birthday (with coffee, tea and muffins) for any friends that would like to join us. There are a lot of big and kinda expensive parties around here- so I am making it super cute by doing almost everything from scratch. This is the line that I am using for paper and such, then a couple of thrift store items and things I already have. :) I can't wait to see pics from Emma's party!

  2. I can't believe that she will be seven!! Seems like such a short time ago that we were celebrating her first birthday! Looking forward to seeing pictures! I know that it will be lovely as all of your parties are!