Thursday, March 1, 2012

Purple and Blue Wedding Palette

Right now I am working with a lovely couple on their wedding stationary suite- they have chosen one of my favourite designs and have asked for a mainly purple and blue palette.

Purple and blue are the 2 colours that I work with the least, so this has been somewhat of a challenge-
I put together an inspiration board of purples and blues and have come up with a palette that I am really happy with... and I hope they are too!

This first group of colours are all of the shade of blue and purple that I have pulled out of a few of the photos (the numbers beside the lines are the colour from that photo)
I was most inspired by photo 13...
These next colours are the suplimentary colours that I found and have added to create a full, well-rounded colour palette

photo credits

1,4,5,9,12,16- Ruffledblog
2- This Pinterest
3. Maggie Austin Cakes
6,7- This Pinterest
8,9- Martha Stewart
11. This Pinterest

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