Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One down, 39 to go!

I have Tuesdays off. Tuesday seems like the most perfect day to work on my Sketchbook. I dropped Emma off at the bus at 8:00, the pool is closed for 10 days so no swimming, so I decided to go for a coffee and get organized...

I created a storyboard for my Sketchbook. Am I the only one person in all the world who is silly enough to create a storyboard for a sketchbook. It seems a little counter-intuitive to be so "laid-out" with such an artistic project but I have a reason, i do... (which I will share at a slightly later date)

these are Marvy Le Plume double ended markers

When I got home from coffee break, I got some tools ready to start! my first mark!
Wait, Earl looks mad at me...I think he needs a walk.

this is Earl, he is a Chug. This is his first time on a blog...
After our little walk around the lake, I decided to do a little inventory of all the pretty little gifts that my sisters brought me back from New York
This is what they brought me...3 note books, a forest green Le Pen,
buttons from Purl Soho, japanese washi tape, a gift wrapping set also from Purl, candy corn from Dylan's Candy Bar, a mathbook full of sticky notes from MOMA, and a poofy flower brooch from JCrew (my all time favorite store...but the flower is for Emma)
Thanks so much for all of the lovely know mw so well!

After stalling for as long as could, I did it! I really really did it! I started (and very nearly finished) my first page! It is a bulletin board full of little things belonging to the little girl in the photos. I still need to fill in her shopping list which is the blank white paper and the left side looks a bit bare so something else there too.
Hooray! (at least its something)

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