Friday, October 22, 2010

In honor of my FIFTH POST, I have decided to actually do a "sketch" in my Sketchbook.
The first one for my Sketchbook!
This is Little Lonestar and Francis the stuffed bunny. My whole book is about the two of them and their musings. (this isn't finished yet, Francis will be a cool grey almost mauvy-ish color and there will be a cloudy grey sky)
My sketchbook is a storybook and this is page 2, in which I introduce you to Little Lonestar- the loneliest little girl in the world...

As for normal life, we sent out Emma's birthday invitations today! Already 2 little girls have replied. Emma is super excited (me too!) 
I put a lot of work and planning into Emma's birthday parties- they mean a lot to our little family because of Emma's very rocky beginnings and we are blessed and very thankful to have her in our lives 6 years later. 

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