Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Soup and Circles...

I love Tuesdays. Especially cold, grey, snowy tuesdays. I have tuesdays off which seems like the perfect time to get lots of art done but alas, my day off gets taken up with other life things...

Because of the chilly loveliness I decided to make some "slow cooked sweet potato soup" which takes most of the afternoon.  

Among the cleaning and laundry that have to happen on tuesdays I managed to cut out some circles, apply a matte medium to them and shade them with some brown ink...

As the soup simmered and my circles dried, I took Earl for a walk to pick up Emma from the bus.

This is Earl in his American Apparel tee-shirt size Medium...Medium! He looks like a sausage! This is why the vet said he needs diet dog food...

We ate our warm fall dinner, cleaned up and I got back to work on my circles.
These circles will be balloons. I used brads from Basic Grey, (my favourite scrapbook supplier) to make their little toggles (what are those things called?). This will be a fold out page in the book...

I also managed to finish my drawing of Little Lonestar and Francis

Hubby Mike told me last night that he can't wait to see the finished product and that he thinks it will be amazing... that was really sweet and since I have extreme doubt about my artistic ability, it was the push that I needed to move forward with actual purpose. It is a nerve racking thing to fill up a whole book with art and have people, really artistic people looking at it. I'm glad that someone is looking forward to seeing it... (I love ellipsis)


  1. Please don't doubt your artistic ability! I was always in awe of your creativity and the picture you drew from my picture is still one of my most treasured possesions. I can't wait to see how amazing your scrapbook will be.

    Good Luck!

  2. I also think that you are incredibly talented and I love your stuff. Can't wait to see more!