Monday, November 8, 2010

Merci Marie-Louise Gay, Merci Mme Lisa, and the BEST Friday Ever!

Thanks to Mme Lisa, Emma's first grade teacher, I was able to join the class for the trip to the library to meet Marie-Louise Gay!
She was so beautiful and kind, and it was an absolute honour to meet her!
I took my book with me and told her our little story and she signed my book, right beside Mike's proposal!

It was amazing and quite literally, a dream come true!
Not only was she lovely and nice but she is also giving her time to teach children the significance of reading. She is part of this program (the TD Grade One Book Giveaway Program) and every grade one student in Canada will receive her story Caramba! (read it immediately! it is so cute)
I was completely star struck and it was the perfect way to start the perfect friday!

I went to my favourite neighbourhood coffee shop for their lovely, Grandma's Holiday Sandwich- so good, then home to start decorating for Emma's 6th birthday party. (The Forest Fairy theme)
Here are the beginnings of the transformation...

this turned out to be harder to do than I thought it would be...

The entrance to the fairy tree

This little tea cup flower arrangement turned out to be one of my favourites.
It has 3 green poufs (i'm not sure what they are actually called), baby's breath, and  little wired butterfly.

Little cherry lollipops for the girls

As I tried not to injure myself while hanging the happy birthday banner, Emma filled up bags with yummy jelly beans.

We ate dinner and Emma went to bed nice and early in anticipation for the exciting day ahead. I ended up finishing the table...

This is before I added all of the baby's breath...

This is after... It made a surprisingly big difference

It was a great Friday...I appreciated this friday.

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