Friday, November 19, 2010

Vacation or Staycation?

SO the last vacation Mike and I took as a family (without extended  family) was for our 5th anniversary- almost 4 years ago. After this very long summer and now this incredibly full autumn, we are finally breathing in the relaxing air of our vacation. Two lovely weeks of sweet nothingness, one spent in our old home town, Canmore.
We are staying here, at The Blackstone Resort Lodge, one of the most beautiful places in Canmore (in my opinion). 

The rooms are suites with fully equipped kitchens, a fireplace, and a deck attached to the bedroom.  Emma came out with us for one night and will be driving back home tomorrow morning for her Christmas play rehearsal with my sister, Jenny, so Mike and I will have 6 blissfully quiet days to relax, go snowshoeing, and get A LOT done on my sketchbook. (I was putting off working on my sketchbook to get ready to come here and work on my sketchbook...welcome to my paradigm)

Since we were all here in this beautifulness together, I took advantage of a nearby ledge and did some family photos...
(There are some of Mike but I am tired of photoshop right now...)

Back to vacation for now...and my all time favourite restaurant for dinner!! (Bison)

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