Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Ode to a Beautiful Author...

Children's books are a huge part of our lives. 
I can remember sitting on our deck in my mom's lap reading books with beautiful pictures and great stories of friends that I would carry with me into adulthood. As I got older, I remember staring at the illustrations and longing to be able to create worlds of my own through drawings. In high school I frequented the children's section at the book store in search of inspiration for art projects and that is when I discovered the work of the most beautiful woman ever, Marie-Louise Gay
I fell in love with the book, Yuck, A Love Story a beautifully illustrated story about true love.

 Soon after, I found Stella... 

and then came Sam

My love for illustration grew but so did my frustration. I wasn't good and I hated that, so I stopped trying.
I went to college and met my man. 
One snowy day in november (almost 9 years ago!) I sat with Mike on the sofa in my parent's house and we read Yuck, A Love Story together. We got to the end, and dug into the inside back cover of the book was a beautiful little engagement ring and a note asking me to be his wife and continue our own love story.
Having Emma and reading all of my favourite stories with her has inspired me to draw again and about 3 years ago I started drawing Little Lonestar- a little girl based on Emma but inspired by the illustrations of Mrs. Gay. If I hadn't been fascinated with her art, spurring me on to start with my own art again, I never would have had the opportunity to take on the Sketchbook project and display my art for all to see. 
On Friday (the day before Emma's 6th birthday) Emma gets to go to the library and meet Mrs Marie-Louise Gay and hear her read her story Caramba. I am so thrilled that Emma will get this amazing opportunity to meet one of Canada's most talented authors and the creator of some of her favourite characters. I also hope to send our copy of Yuck, A Love Story and see if Emma can get it signed!

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  1. Seriously LOVE Marie Louise Gay. LOVE. and Jakob loves the stella books too.