Friday, February 25, 2011

A Lonely Little Sequin...

I was vacuuming the house today and I came across a little sequin hiding in the carpet. I picked him up before the vacuum got him (it is a well known fact that vacuum cleaners love to eat sequins, but they are very high in calories) and found myself staring at the little guy for almost 5 minutes. I was somewhat mesmerized by it and its simple complexity.
Who thought of a sequin? Who took the time to engineer a little plastic facetted disk to make things sparkle? It sounds like something I would do...
I have decided to dedicate all of my spare time to the education and awareness of the under-appreciated sequin.
Please stay tuned for my in-depth artistic journey of the sequin.
I will begin with some macro photography to capture its "simple complexity," to quote myself.

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