Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Its snowing...again

So my hubby has turned 30...
30 years old! (this just reminded me of an awesome Molly Shannon sketch from Saturday Night Live a while back..."i'm 50, 50 years old!")

I told him that he had to stop wearing skate shoes and he got mad at me...I know you will back me up here- 30 year old men should not wear skate shoes.

When he got over the devastation of the skate shoe drama, we had a little party!
(It was cat themed...)

I made mini flower arrangements
Our table decoration and party favor

The Cat Cake

Ryan playing Mike's new ukulele
I feel the need to explain the cat may not be entirely rational to all those reading this.
The first time I visited Mike's parent's place in BC, I was handed all of his baby books and photo albums...A pretty cute kid and all but the one thing that I noticed was that every single birthday cake was a cat. Mike has never been overly fond of cats and so I asked, "why the cat cakes?" to which he lovingly replied. "I have no idea"
 For his first birthday that we spent together I made him a cat cake to remind him of the days of old and it became our thing.
As he was approaching his 30th year, I decided, that along with the skate shoes, as we bid farewell to Mike's youth, so we bid farewell to the cats.

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