Monday, May 9, 2011

We're in Austria!

So we have made it to Tuscany and it is amazing.
Because I am so behind in this blog, we have been to Austria and Venice since my last post, so I will squeeze them in before I talk about Tuscany (and all of the fireflies!!!)

Salzburg, Austria...
The smell of lilacs and rain
Wiener schnitzel, pretzels, and beer
Mozart's house
A fortress
And a boat that waltzes

Our first Austrian meal

Mozart's house

Mike's beer haul

The breeze and the rain outside our room

The River Salz

Mozart loves chocolates with his own face on them

Salzburg has a strange fascination with marionettes

Street wieners

After all of the schnitzel, it was great to have some Indian food

That's all for, Venice!

Location:Via Roma,Terranuova Bracciolini,Italy

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