Monday, May 9, 2011

We're in Paris- Part 5, the end

Back to Paris now...for our last day.
It was the best day.
Candy! In the middle of the street

Then real food...Mike is very hungry

Shakespeare & co used bookstore...awesome.

And then an art store!

I found my favorite Stabilo pens and a Lamy mechanical pencil...Lamy, if you're out there, I love you...

And then to Notre Dame for 6:30 mass
I just have to say that attending mass at Notre Dame was surreal and hard to describe- the choir alone was incredible and looking up to the domed ceilings was almost overwhelming. It was beautiful.

After the service, we decided that we would take the long way home and we found this river boat band in the Latin quarter...the lady to the left was doing a flapper dance- so great, like our farewell to Paris- they were singing us out.

Goodbye Paris, we will miss you

Location:Via delle Ville,Terranuova Bracciolini,Italy

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  1. The Mass at Notre Dame would have been incredible! Glad you had a great trip. See you when you get home.