Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Canada, Crab, and a beautiful creek

A lovely Canada Day long weekend... (and a picture heavy blog post)
it started off with a "tiny things picnic"
That's when you cut everything up really tiny and mix it all together- it works best with salads

Tiny things salad on my Ragaddy Anne blanket

Next, off to Bragg Creek for some walking in the sun, and some shopping at the local shops

Emma took note and drew all of the things we saw on our journey

I bought a dreamcatcher

Coffee for the drive home

Mike heated up large stones for our hot rocks bbq

Banana boats...

It tastes a lot better than it looks!

 The next day was a long day of cooking with long time friends
This is onions, bay leaves, and a mix of "3 spice" to start off the crab curry

 Dad, starting off the festivities

The sad passing of a crab

I stewed berries to add to my Twist & Sparkle water




Curry, ready to eat- it has to be eaten outside- for the sake of the floors inside

Vicki, chowing down

Best thing ever- it was our 5th annual Crab Curry Night!

Dessert...Rotisserie pineapple

Earl with a peanut butter jar

Mike went fishing- His favorite pass time

I made a stationary wedding gift for the second wedding of the summer

And then I made popsicles

A nice weekend, filled with friends and food- the best combination!

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