Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Trip Home

My sisters and I were all born in the lovely little city of Winnipeg. We lived on a farm in the country surrounded by all of our family- grandparents, aunts and uncles, and about a million cousins.
We left the farm for Alberta when I was 6 and said goodbye to all of our family. Since then, and especially recently, I seem to find myself drifting eastward towards family- the heartstrings pull me home. This past couple of weeks I have been back to Winnipeg twice- for weddings (and work too- we have a couple clients there). This time around, Mike, Emma and I stayed with my Granny and Grandpa in the city.

Grandpa had to show us the river- with all of the rain and flooding in Manitoba, the river was dangerously high. Normally, you can see the base of those trees.

These sticky buns may be the best part of Winnipeg

This is the result of Emma eating at least 2 sticky buns- enormous amounts of energy

A trip out to the farm- Auntie Barb's house, means a swim and lots of kittens...

This is Emma's favorite cousin- Caelyn. She just graduated from high school and is the most beautiful girl ever.

I love The Forks- a little market and park right on the river

Up next, a beautiful family wedding

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