Friday, November 18, 2011

A 7th Birthday Party

So, here we go,
Emma's polka dot party...on a budget
it was so much fun!

The table set and ready for the girlies to have lunch
I used a plastic table cloth to cover the table, with a polka dot paper runner down the centre. I used (my go-to flower) yellow button mums to carry the polka dots to the table. Two mini trifle bowls filled with 
gum balls.

our pom pom chandalier
I loved this when I saw it here and I really wanted to try it out.
I have been making these pom poms forever, so with a few modifications, I created our little guy...
Our dining table light it pretty low so I had to scale the whole thing down a lot, 
but I LOVE how it turned out!

Next up, the goodie bags- the only things that I bought- the bag, the lollipop, the gum balls, and a few wooden beads for bracelets...
Cake pops- made by my sis of Pretty Sweet

I made these cute little gum ball necklaces that the girlies went crazy for...
they were more work than i foresaw, but worth it.

Bubble gum necklaces
Along with the necklaces- Bingo was the hit of the party!
I found the card template here
Instead of the suggested ping pong balls, I used styrofoam balls which were pretty cheap at the dollar store. We used tiny little polka dot stickers from the office supply store to check off their numbers.
We played 4 times, and the kids would have played more but Auntie Vicki was tired of calling numbers.


Check back tomorrow for all of the treats, the cake, and our dessert bar!

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