Monday, July 25, 2011

Photo courtesy of The Winnipeg Free Press
So, here we are. A very emotional week behind us and although the physical damage is severe, things will be rebuilt and restored. It's the hidden damage that worries me- the emotional damage that creeps into your thoughts and your dreams- I suppose that takes more time.
I have been all the way over here while Granny and Grandpa and aunties and uncles, and my mom too, have been moving around and settling down into a temporary apartment while their home gets rebuilt, and I feel completely helpless. How can I help?
This will sound really silly but it just makes me think of how much I take for granted (like every second of every day that my house isn't on fire), but it has stuck with me since staying at my grandparents house 3 weeks ago- Emma and I sat down to breakfast at the kitchen table as Granny puttered around getting us whatever we needed and more, I got up to grab a peach out of a little bowl on the counter. As I took one, Granny looked at me and told me that she had washed all of the fruit earlier that morning and it was all ready to eat. We sat and ate our fruit. I think of that bowl surrounded by fire and the fruit melting and bubbling inside- it makes me sad. In my sadness, I can't even imagine how Granny and Grandpa must be feeling- really feeling deep down, Grandpa- the strong, leader of the family, and Granny, the most caring woman in the whole entire world- i just want to cry. Cry for my grandparents and their sad loss...

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