Friday, July 15, 2011

Sad Sad Day

I just finished posting 2 posts about family and home and I woke up this morning to a text from my mom saying that my Grandparent's home had burned down due to an explosion in the next door neighbour's garage. They made it out of the house ok, but they are severely shaken and in shock. We are all the way out here and can do nothing to help out- although Emma has already started a beautiful drawing to send out to them- we just feel helpless.
On top of all of this, my parents house was broken into earlier this week (someone kicked in their door in the middle of the afternoon), leaving both of my parents rattled as well.

I work with my family- my dad started this business in 2002 and I signed on with him right at the beginning. My mom joined us a year later and a couple years after that, Mike, my husband joined us too. Soon after Mike, my sister, Jenny, signed on and this had been our business for the past couple of years- This summer we hired Chris, my brother-in-law (Mike's sister's husband) as well as Jenny's good friend Sheena. As a family business we are together all the time and our work is strongly tied to our "personal" lives (if you can even distinguish between the two anymore). Everything we do and all of the decisions that we make effect our business and all of those in it, and when things like this happen and and we can gather around each other, it makes me very thankful for all that we have been blessed with, especially this business.
These things make my heart hurt and they make me cry but in the end everyone is safe and that is all that matters.
What a week...

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